What will be in your basket every Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

You choose!

We have a variety of over 20 vegetables that you can choose the quantity and combination of! Our beloved vegetables are grown with the highest quality Ganga-belt water, and with no artificial or look-enhancing chemicals or injections. We change our vegetables each season, to ensure that you have the freshest options in your kitchen.
Each basket will have a total of 1kg/family member worth of vegetables – but the combination of which is completely up to you. (This means if you have 3 family members, it’ll be 3kg worth of vegetables!) You can change up your Monday,
Wednesday and Friday basket to suit your weekly meals too. On Fridays, you get an extra kilogram of vegetables to get you and your family through the weekend.

What’s in right now?

Potato | Onion | Tomato | Pumpkin | Bitter gourd | Bottle gourd | Lady Finger | Brinjal Big | Brinjal Long | Pointed Gourd | Colocasia | Capsicum | Cluster beans | Cucumber | Ginger | Garlic | Lemon | Green Chilli | Coriander |

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