Profile Fitment:


If the following statements resonate with your mental and emotional frequency, you may find this opportunity exciting:


  1. You can smell opportunity in challenges. You like to solve problems, not only for the fun of solving them but also for the satisfaction you derive from the process of solving them.
  2. You can view a situation from multiple perspectives and can reconcile with the idea that more than one perspective may be correct.
  3. You connect with people deeply and thriveon richness of these connections, as in you can transcend familial and societal boundaries and build rich vibrant human connections which go beyond the Give & Take transaction.
  4. You deeply feel about some public causes and try to contribute something more than digital likes and 45 sec comments.
  5. You have the ability to imagine a situation and materialize a solution.
  6. You like to dive deep into things instead of floating on the shallows of a problem.
  7. You know how to leverage people’s network on the ground as well as digitally.
  8. You may be master of no trade but jack of many.
  9. Somewhere deep down you have some emotional connect with clean food, fair wages and / or sustainable agri movement.  If you have a hands-on knowledge of the agri processes, it will be a definite plus.
  10. You are or were actively part of a social group which works(ed) for social causes.



Profile  Perspective( Subjective):


The profile involves cracking  circular problem of customers reducing a physiological necessity “Food” into an objectified buying process, which  propels the already objectifying supply chainsupplying this necessity.


In other words, this profile involves experimenting with various  ideas to break this circular cycle of farmers producing toxic food, due to  perceived pricing pressure  which gets fueled  by customer preferring lower  priced  food , as they  feel lost due to opaqueness of supply chain .


Reversed this statement  means, farmers don’t like to  produce toxic food, they feel compelled to make profits , similarly consumer are willing to pay fair price, till they get a feeling it is fair .and not cheating.




Profile  Perspective (Objective) :


  1. Design and execution of the behavioral change program, to raise awareness about this circular problem in the geographical area (Noida and Indirapuram) where Sanjhi Tokri’s veggie kiosks operate.
  2. These programs should be so designed that buyers (urban buyers) and food producers (farmers) can connect as people; in other words, we don’t pitch farmers are poor and so need to be supported, rather pitch both parties as part of the ecosystem.
  3. The work may involve raising funds as well as gathering volunteers and outside facilitators to run such programs, so you need to view yourself as a one-man army.
  4. The program should be so designed where your role should be that of a facilitator and not of an organizer, such that these programs can sustain on their own and are not colored by our agenda.
  5. Work very closely with rest of the core team to ensure our value system and operations are aligned.
  6. Build objective and subjective measures to assess outreach achievement.



Desired Skills:


  1. Excellent public speaking and written skills in Hindi and English.
  2. Excellent social media skills – writing blogs and promoting digital campaigns.
  3. Ability to design, experiment, run pilots and then executing full sale experiments.
  4. Academic background in psychology and / or agri  and / or social work shall be really helpful.
  5. Experience in academics, specifically Action Learning would be very helpful.
  6. Bias for action.




Work Environment :


  1. Mostly urban, but may involve some village visits.
  2. Ability to work odd timings.
  3. Should be comfortable with public transport, but having access to a two wheeler will make it easier.
  4. Liaison with varied mix of people from C-level to the street level.
  5. Passionate ,young , resource constraint team


Location: Sector 65, Noida


Remuneration: Rs. 25k – 35K per month


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If shortlisted, candidate will be contacted through the details provided in the application form