Get to know and connect with your farmer personally.

Generally, farmers have two plots of land – one in their backyard, and one their field. In their backyard, farmers don’t use chemicals, because it is consumed by them and their families. In the field, they use chemicals to increase the yield. Why? In their own backyard, they have a feeling of empathy – they want to provide the best for their families. In the fields – they are not thinking of the customer, but of their direct market, the APMC. The feeling here is a transactional one.

At Sanjhi Tokri, we try to bring our customers and farmers together, moving away from a transactional feeling to an empathetic one. When our farmers are in the field, they are thinking of the customers that they are providing for, because we have put extra emphasis on building that relationship between them and you, our customers.

pictured: Dinesh ji and family, Gulab Singh and family, Yashpal ji and family, Shivkumar