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We have come up with this unique concept of Krishi kiosk to provide direct market linkages to the farmers. In this, we set up a small kiosk in a society / apartment complex for the convenience of residents. Every early morning, farmers come to the kiosk with their fresh produce. Residents can buy the produce at affordable rates from 6 am to 9 pm. There is a free home delivery service also available. The main features of Krishi Kiosks are –

  1. No use of look enhancing chemicals like acid, urea, formaldehyde etc…
  2. No artificial coloring done
  3. No soap, detergent or any other harmful chemical used for washing purpose
  4. Ganga belt water used for irrigation
  5. Farm fresh – plucked in the night, delivered early in the morning.
  6. 20-25% less than market price