Sanjhi Tokri was founded on the belief that there should be a mutually beneficial supply chain for the vegetable market in India. On one hand, farmers should be able to get a bigger portion of the revenue of their vegetables, so that they can invest in their families and villages. On the other hand, customers should also know where the vegetables that they consume are coming from and how they are grown.

Our humble beginnings

To us, it was important that we practiced what we preached. Thus, our first step was building a relationship with the village – we had a team from Sanjhi Tokri living in the village for months, building and forming relationships with our farmers. We taught them how to test the soil for certain minerals, best practices for rearing different crops, and how to treat seeds to prevent the use of more chemicals. Increased productivity also resulted from the use of bund formation for planting crops – resulting in a higher yield.

We lived with the farmers, worked with them, and celebrated with them.

Sanjhi Tokri is more than a fresh vegetable delivery service – we strive to build an empathetic community of rural farmers and urban customers, where both are sensitive to each other’s needs.

  • Farmers take charge of the growing, aggregating, sorting and packaging of the baskets.
  • As a result, at least 60% of the revenue goes directly to the farmers
  • We also engage the youth in training them in the logistics of the operations
  • Women in the village also help with weaving the newspaper baskets used for delivery.
  • Delivery is done using autos drivers, who know the area better than most!

As this bond strengthens between the customer and the farmer, your vegetables no longer become just a transaction, but a relationship that shows trust, care and protection, shown through the food that we eat.