Creating opportunities

Our supply chain is full of opportunities for the village, to ensure a sustainable livelihood within the village.

At Sanjhi Tokri, our only vision is not just to ensure an efficient and quality delivery to our customers, but also to do right by our farmers. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Our farmers and their communities get 70% of our revenue. This is because they do most of the work – from the growing, harvesting, sorting, to the packaging.
  2. We provide employment opportunities for the women in the village as “Tokri-weavers”. The lovely newspaper baskets used to transport our produce are a source of income for them.
  3. Youth in the village also get the opportunity to upgrade their skills in packaging and sorting, as well as to earn an income.

Our farmers are important to us, because as the famous old saying goes – “we can live one day without an engineer, even without a doctor, but not without a farmer.”

By changing the flow of income by allowing most of the income to flow into the village, we have enabled an economically viable and sustainable model. This decreases the necessity for migration to urban cities, and allows the farmers to invest money back into the village.

We started out working with only 4 farmers – but we have expanded to more than 10 farmers, and hopefully more!